Streamline Your Customers’ Experiences With Unique Indoor Kiosks

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Computers

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ATMs are certainly not the only indoor kiosks; as their hardware and software improves, specific and well-designed kiosks can automate many portions of the customer’s experience and can be especially helpful when customers or employees need assistance, but nobody is available to help them. With companies that specialize in working closely with businesses and organizations to make the devices they need, you can build and design your own library check-out stations, job application stations, sign-up booths for reward programs at a grocery store, ordering station for souvenirs at an amusement park… anything that requires a touch-screen and information regarding your products and services should be carefully and well-built so that customers and employees can have the most comfortable and reliable experience.

Indoor kiosk manufacturers often offer standard, general designs that have already elicited positive responses from various clients. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for in a kiosk but want something very similar to what a competitor has, you can easily find either the same machine or something bearing close resemblance. However, taking the time and thought to design your own kiosk helps make the automated process fit so well with your business or service, and users will feel less confused by information or features that have nothing to do with your operation.

There are far more features and variables to consider when designing your own than the exterior model. Think carefully about the quality and the adaptability or a touch screen’s brightness: you don’t want something that’s too bright for dark environments that might irritate users or something too dim for very bright environments that would make reading very difficult.

If you need to print receipts of any sort, investing in a good printer (especially one that can automatically fix jams and has a very precise cutter) will lower the amount of maintenance required and will prevent any faulty or incomplete experiences.

Most importantly, find a manufacturer that also provides software programming. The exterior function of the kiosk is not as important as the software that conveys information and guides the customer’s experience – you will need to think carefully about the visual aesthetic of the software and what features you would like to include (i.e. option to send a copy of a receipt via email.)  Generic software that isn’t perfectly tailored to your business or organization can leave people confused, as there may be many features that don’t correspond to your particular use of the kiosk or missing features that your particular kiosk should clearly provide.

There are many other features to consider when designing indoor kiosks – anti-theft technologies; slots for cash, coin, and credit; barcode or phone scanner, etc. If you work with a great manufacturer, you’ll get help making the best choices.

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