The Basics of Storage Area Networks

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Computers

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Every organization starts small. When you’re just starting out, chances are that your list of IT requirements isn’t going to be as lengthy as it might become once you’ve had time to get your feet wet. However, it’s still important to know all about managed IT services so that when you do have need of certain capabilities, you won’t have to waste any time learning about the way things work. This is highly beneficial because even with the best managed IT company at your disposal, it can be more than a little difficult to familiarize yourself with technological jargon if you haven’t at least done a little bit of research beforehand. Understanding storage area networks is one of the best ways to be prepared for what’s to come with regards to your business and the way it’s going to need to deal with its computer systems.

In most cases, when a business is only just getting started, its IT setup will simply consist of several different servers connected by a single local network. Each individual user runs a computer that is connected to the very same network, and this makes it so that all of your employees can access the same basic services and applications. For the most part, a system of computers configured in this way is a highly advantageous thing to have, but as your company’s requirements begin to advance, it becomes necessary to look into storage area networks and other, similar services in order to ensure that you remain ahead of the game. Otherwise you won’t be able to keep up with the competition and your business won’t be able to utilize the same benefits that others in the field might have.

Simply put, a storage area network is an architecture that is designed to address the need for something that will allow a business to efficiently store its data once it reaches a critical capacity. After a while, it becomes impractical for a company to keep all of its digital information stored on each server’s local hard disk. By taking all of this data and relocating it to a storage area network, you are in effect eliminating the problem in its entirety, making things considerably easier for everyone who works with you.

A storage area network can be described as a collection of interconnected storage disks. The network is configured such that data can be transferred at a much faster pace. Storage networks are ideal for businesses that require faster transmission speeds, as long as traffic from the local network isn’t allowed to mingle with that of the storage area network itself.

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