Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Best Practices

You’ve probably noticed how competitive the pharma industry has become over the last few years. In most recent years, there have been more counterfeit drugs, increasingly strict regulations on quality and serialized mandates. All of these factors have made it necessary for the pharmaceutical supply chain to be efficient, as well as traceable. Here are five best practices that should be implemented to ensure there is no breakdown.

Connect and Collaborate

To ensure efficiency, accuracy and quality, you need a digital network that connects all the partners. Collaboration along the pharmaceutical supply chain allows everyone to work together and for all actions to be in sync. The biggest benefit of this level of collaboration is visibility from end-to-end and being able to discuss various transactions.

Detailed Analysis of Processes

When handling pharma products, even a slight alteration can change the composition and could be life-threatening. Products must be precise and repeatable. The manufacturing process needs to undergo detailed analysis.

Traceability from End-to-End

Being able to trace a product from end-to-end along the pharmaceutical supply chain is imperative. This ensures product quality as it passes through the stages of production. By connecting all the partners, you’ll be able to track critical information allowing you to control the end quality.

Respond to Supply and Demand Changes

There are constant changes when it comes to supply and demand. Good management means being able to detect and respond to them in a timely manner. When you participate in a business network, it can mean being able to evaluate this type of information in real-time and provide an immediate response.

Inventory Visibility

Having downstream inventory visibility helps allocate transportation, warehousing and other good shipping practices. This is important to ensuring pharma products reach their destination without compromising quality.

Would you like more ideas on how you can improve your pharmaceutical supply chain? Visit the Business Name website to speak with a professional.

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Taking a More Mature Approach to IT Service Management

In an HDI report commissioned by Business Name and released earlier this year, three verticals and their approaches to IT service management (ITSM) practices and processes were examined. It was discovered that the three verticals of education, government, and healthcare, often surpass their private industry counterparts in overall performance in spite of budget constraints and the increased volume of services provided.

If we look at performance in terms of the percentage of tickets resolved within service level agreement or operational level agreement (SLA/OLA) targets, we can see that they’re exceeding the industry overall, as demonstrated by the percentage of organizations achieving 81-100% levels.1

How are the support organizations in these verticals excelling? In part, it’s due to the adoption of service management practices and taking a more mature approach to IT service management compared with their peers in other industries. More than three-quarters of the organizations in our focus verticals identify ITIL as the framework they’ve adopt ed versus 55% of organizations2 in the industry overall.

ITIL isn’t necessarily the best or only framework for service management; it is, however, the most widely adopted. Education, government, and healthcare organizations outperform the industry overall at the level of specific ITIL processes, as well. Education is noteworthy for lower adoption rates in four process areas, but even then, only by a slim margin.

All these statistics boil down to this: IT (specifically ITSM and support) in education, government, and healthcare is able to keep up with increasing demand because of the relatively high adoption of widely accepted good practices, such as those found in the ITIL framework. In this regard, they’re more mature than many of their private sector counterparts.

You can get a copy of the full report here.

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How To Stop Command Injection Attacks in San Jose, CA

Command injection attacks are a form of fileless malware attack. They initiate in RAM, which creates a different target than when hackers attack hard drives. A command injection attack can target applications or networks.

Command injection and other fileless attacks are also known as zero-footprint or non-malware attacks. Their nature makes it easy for traditional anti-virus solutions to miss them. Fileless attacks are becoming more popular. It is estimated that about 1 in 3 attacks have some fileless components. The increase in popularity is due to a combination of their ability to enter a system undetected and the ease of setting up the attack.

Protect Your System From Command Injection Attacks

To stop command injection attacks you need security that recognizes and understands the threat from these attacks. When discussing site security with your provider, ask about their plan to stop command injection attacks as well as file system, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection attacks. The protection should be on all vulnerable areas, including web servers, databases, processes, interpreted code, web apps and compiled code. If your security consultant dismisses the importance of covering all areas of your site or the importance of protection from fileless attacks, look for another security expert.

All-Inclusive Options

When protecting your business, you want all-around security. Selecting a company such as Virsec which offers a complete package of protection allows you to put a stop to attacks. They stop threats initially, without requiring updated signatures, interpreting rules or other methods that can leave you unprotected. In return, you get an analysis of the work completed on a per-user basis, including requests and responses from app and web servers and backend databases. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing security or need a total solution, can provide the security and responsiveness you need.

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Why Every Business Should Use Office 365 to Increase Productivity

Office 365 has proven to be one of the most essential tools at the disposal of businesses in recent times. Office 365 in Berks County features all of the latest and greatest technologies to be released in the data entry sector. Whether you need a better way to keep track of employee activity, or you are just looking for a great way to spread the word about your products and services, you will love the many programs that come in this bundle.

One of the most important pieces of software to come in this bundle is Excel. Excel is a program which allows for a large volume of data to be easily tracked using an assortment of boxes. These boxes can also be used to perform calculations and display statistics. Many companies even use Excel sheets to track important business operations, such as keeping track of their accounting.

Other companies have discovered the wonders of PowerPoint. This program allows for the production of professional quality slide shows. These slide shows have demonstrated to be one of the most efficient ways to make a point when speaking to groups. They also work great in combination with physically distributed Excel sheets highlighting important facts from the speech.

Microsoft Outlook in particular has proven to be one of the most vital pieces of technology included in this suite. It is the diversity of this program that makes it so appealing to business enterprises. While it is technically only thought about as being a mail server, it has a variety of additional features that make it very useful to busy businesses.

For instance, along with communicating with your staff and the rest of the world, Outlook also allows for you to keep track of important events. It even allows for multiple employees to interact with the same calendar so that everyone may stay on the same page while completing a larger project. It is this incredible array of products that has made Office 365 in Berks County so popular today.

Communication is the key in business. If you want to succeed, you have to start using the same methods as the major players in your industry. Contact Laughing Rock Technology to take your business to the next level with Office 365 in Berks County.

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