7 Tips to Boost Your 3D Printing Skills

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Computers

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It’s true what Quartz says: it’s not going to be hard to believe that 3d printing technologies will find a way to get deeply entrenched into the fabric of people’s lives in the future. To make sure you’re ready when that time comes, here are some handy tips to help boost your 3d printing skills:

1. Inspect the unit the first time it arrives at your doorstep. Check it for damage asap. Most companies have a return and exchange policy that allows you to return items within the first 72 hours. Don’t miss that window.

2. Use the right materials. Depending on what you’re trying to produce, make sure you use the right combination of resins. You can also use CAD to start designing your work.

3. Take advantage of updates, technologies and improvements. Bring all that into your work to help you produce the best item or object you’ve set your mind on. This goes for improvements in materials too. Wired reports about Tough Resin, the newest type of 3d printing material you can explore. That doesn’t mean you have to completely dismiss 3d printer resin types from times of yore. However it does provide you with an interesting alternative to normal resins used in 3d printing projects.

4. Know your printer. Nothing beats technical mastery and expertise coupled with vision. If you’re still working out on the last one, though, then at least have the first two by mastering every feature on your printer. By knowing just how to manipulate your printer to produce the best results, you’ll soon find the quality of your attempts improving in the best way.

5. Go for risks. Don’t be afraid to make errors or flaws in judgment. You’ll fail a lot. But you’ll learn a whole lot more in the process too. Welcome both.

6. Leave room for mistakes. No matter the major developments, 3d printing is still a relatively new technology. So don’t expect tiny items of perfection to come out of your printer. There’s room left enough to grow.

7. Find a forum. Talk to other people who are as passionate about the technology as you are. Build a network or support system of like-minded 3d printing enthusiasts. All these should help you improve your 3d printing skills. You’ll also get valuable tips and suggestions this way.

So improve your 3d printing skills. With tips, help and plenty of practice, you’ll be 3d printing little perfect tchotchkes in no time.

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