Reasons to Destroy Hard Drives with Degaussing

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Computers

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We all know in today’s digital age our data and information can easily get spread around and end up in the wrong hands. So, when the time comes to retire an old computer, hard drive, or data storage system, you want to make sure your data and information is not left for someone else to get their hands on and misuse. Here are some of the main reasons why it is a good idea to destroy hard drives and other data collection devices with degaussing before you dispose of them:

  • Financial protection– whether it is a personal computer you did banking with, or it is a business computer with payroll records, you do not want hackers to be able to access that information if they manage to get their hands on your old computer or hard drives.
  • Personal data protection– from social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers, to birth dates, names of family members, photos, and a host of other personal details of you and your family or your employees, it all needs to be erased so it cannot be used against you.
  • Creation protection– mostly for businesses but for individuals as well, you will want to destroy hard drives and storage devices when you throw them out, so anything you have created is not stolen and passed off by someone else. This includes papers, business ideas, products, and the like.

When you need degaussing services, there is one place to turn to, EPE Components. We have years of experience working with storage, protection, and secure erasure of all kinds of business and personal data. From hard drives and discs to cassette tapes, USB devices and everything in between, we can help keep your information protected and secure. So, contact us today to get started!

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