3 Reasons Why Your Plastic Surgery Practice Should Utilize Social Media

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Internet Marketing, SEO & SMO Marketing, Social Media Optimization

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If you own a private plastic surgery practice and you’re not using social media to advertise your services and connect with patients, you have the opportunity for tremendous improvements at your fingertips! Plastic surgeons’ social media marketing strategies are not too different from other businesses. In the end, social media is about making a connection with people, and is that not what the practice of medicine is all about?

If you’re still not convinced, or if you find the idea of managing social media an intimidating feat to balance among the other myriad of activities you must tackle during your life as a physician, read on for a few of the best reasons to pursue marketing ventures on social media.

  1. According to NBC, 80% of American Internet users have used a search engine to learn more about a health-related topic. Your patients are curious, and they’re going to search online before they contact you to ask questions. Think ahead and create a social media presence that your future clients will find during their initial internet searches! By being the first source they see and providing quality, well-written information with a compassionate tone, you will make a fantastic first impression.

  2. Social media marketing no longer requires Internet expertise or a lot of excess time. Thanks to marketing services provided by companies like Conversion Buddha, plastic surgeons can focus on the most important part of their practice—their patients – and leave the rest to experts.

  3. The greater your presence on social media, the more visibility your practice will have. It may be difficult to wrap your head around the numbers, but it is expected that, by 2021, there will be 3.02 billion active users of social media worldwide. Plus, the highest concentration of social media communicators exists in North America, where nearly three-quarters of the population own at least one account for social networking.

Plastic surgeons’ social media marketing presence will no doubt continue to increase with the popularity of the Internet, so don’t fall behind! Get started today to make your presence known.

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