How to Choose the Best USPS Zip Code Validation Software

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Social Media Optimization

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Your company probably sends out direct mail to thousands of potential customers a month and you have probably heard that you can get discounts on all the mail if you use a validation software licensed through the USPS. This may have got you wondering what the best type of Zip code validation software is that’s out there and how to find it.

Whether or not you will benefit from these services should be moot. Your business should make others’ jobs easier whenever possible. Delivery businesses and the USPS have a hard enough time ensuring proper delivery that is on time and safe, so it is a good idea to make their lives and jobs easier, as well as providing your company with benefits.

Without the right Zip code, your mail takes longer to get to its destination because it takes longer to process at the delivery office, so considering Zip code validation software is a good choice.


The software you select should provide updates to the mailing list database that you use, going through all customer contact information and matching your stored data with that of the USPS central database information to ensure it is correct. Most Zip code validation software will do this automatically every few months so you don’t have to remember.

Ease of Use

In business, you are always busy so the software and other items you use should make your job easier. The software you consider will need to provide the contact details you need quickly and easily. Most software options allow you to type in a search box and after a few keystrokes, will populate the information in the drop down box. Once the information you need is shown, you should be able to click on it and view it easily. This can be very helpful for emergency delivery needs or when the mail carrier will be by to pick up your mail shortly.


Sometimes, you will want to send pertinent information to people that requires them to be in a specific location. Some Zip code validation software options have a system that populates a map along with contact information for consumers or businesses, making this task a lot easier.

Though it may sound impossible to find software based on the above criteria, it can actually be quite easy, if you know what you want and do some research.

USPS Zip Code Validation software is a great way to keep your contacts updated and correct. Visit website for information.

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