Finding the Right Social Media Marketing Company

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Internet Marketing

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In Los Angeles, social media marketing companies are a dime a dozen. If you own a business, it is hard to connect with the general public without engaging in some form of social media. Social media is the way of the future because of its far reaching effects. Worldwide, social media marketing is allowing companies to reach their target markets on a larger scale. While there are tons of social media marketing companies, not every social media marketing company is created equal. There are ways of finding out whether or not a social media marketing company is effective or just taking consumers money without delivering any results.

Performing Your Due-Diligence

Find out what others are saying about their experience with the Los Angeles social media marketing company you are considering offering your business to. You can simply ask them for referrals or you can go on the company website to find out who some of their customers are. When you contact them to find out what their experience was like, make sure you pay attention to what they are saying. Some people will be straightforward, telling you what they liked and what they didn’t like. Still others will be vague about their experience. It may be best to have a some specific questions ready to ask when trying to find out how effective a social media marketing company actually is. Some of the questions you may consider asking are, does the company offer regular data analysis, do they provide regular and consistent content and is the information that they provide relevant to your business? Having a list of important questions, that require a yes or no answer, could be the best way of having your questions answered directly.

Asking a Direct Question

Another option to consider is to simply email the person who is responsible for managing the company’s social media marketing initiatives. You might ask if they found the company you are considering, to be instrumental in improving their ROA by implementing specific social media marketing initiatives? This is a question that can be answered briefly or it can be elaborated on. Since they are not speaking with you over the telephone or face to face, they may be more likely to give you helpful feedback. Whichever way they decide to answer your question, try to get as much feedback as possible. Receiving feedback from a client will provide you with insight into what a company is capable of doing for your business.

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