A Hosted PBX Phone System Bridges Networks, Enabling Reliable, Cost-Effective VoIP

by | Mar 21, 2014 | Computers

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More and more businesses are making the switch to VoIP systems, and few are turning back. After giving up their traditional phone lines in favor of new ones which make use of the Internet for carrying voice data, they are finding that they have more flexibility than ever and at better prices than they had previously thought possible. It often takes relatively little in the way of up-front investment to get started, too, thanks to the wide availability of inexpensive, reliable VoIP equipment and accessories. Other than such physical assets, all that is normally needed is to make arrangements for a hosted PBX phone system.

The Internet itself knows nothing of traditional phone numbers. The Internet Protocol which is used to route packets around that gigantic network uses its own unique addressing system, one which is tuned for delivering data in general, instead of the voice signals that traditional phone systems deal with. In order to put a company’s voice channels onto the Internet, then, a middleman of sorts must be arranged for which can serve as a bridge between these two fundamentally different networks.

Providers of hosted PBX systems at Business Name fill this important role. With industrial-strength connections to both the Internet and traditional copper-wire telephone networks, they are capable of reliably and efficiently moving traffic between the two. Their equipment and software systems, for example, will be responsible for recognizing calls to a particular business’s main telephone number and directing these to the Internet-based system which will carry them to the company’s VoIP equipment for proper handling.

A business looking to make a successful transition to VoIP, then, should make very sure that its hosted PBX phone system is up to the task. The best such hosts promise reliability comparable to traditional telephone networks and back up their claims with money-back guarantees. They also offer user-friendly PBX configuration interfaces which can be easily used by existing IT personnel or even tech-savvy employees of other sorts, so that companies can best benefit from the incredible flexibility of VoIP. Those looking for such service can contact Curt Burnside to see about getting a hosted PBX phone system at Business Name, for example, so that they will be ensured of getting off on the right foot.

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