Tips To Build a Convenient Mobile Website

by | Sep 22, 2012 | Web Designing

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Almost every company has a website of their own. Websites have become a very common thing in the modern world. The companies use it to reach to maximum customers for informing them about the product or the service they are offering. You can even access the products or the services through the websites of the various companies. Build a mobile website if you own any company, to reach to the maximum number of people and promote it. This because the number of mobile phone users is higher than those use computer. Therefore, the sites must be suitably developed in accordance with the small screen of the mobile phones.

Building a website of mobile version for a company has become a new craze to reach as many viewers as possible. The website is responsible for a large number of global viewership, which makes it one of the powerful platforms to reach innumerable people and deliver the message of the products or services of any company. There are a number of factors that needs to be kept in mind while building a website for the mobile.

Content and page
The matter of content should be given the priority. Since the mobile website would be seen in a very small screen, therefore it will be very wise to put the crux of the content of the website at the top. Highlighting the main points through the use of bullets and bold letters will be the best for the purpose. The text can be declared in HTML or XHTML. In the present age, different mobiles contain different screen sizes. Therefore, it will be useful to build a website with fluidity in layout.

Pages have to be developed carefully and the contents should be published in a single column so that the viewer need not scroll the page sideways. The mobile user will be happy to scroll downward in order to go through the page, rather than scroll sideways. The pictures need to be converted to text formatting also, since many users tend to turn off their picture mode of their cell phones off. If you would need to insert picture, provide the JPEG or PNG format.

Hold the size of the page up to 20kb at maximum. Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient to make a viewable mobile web page. This will also help in loading the mobile page very fast. The user of the mobile will not wait long for letting to open the full page of the website on his cell phone. You should also keep in mind that most of the users who use mobile to browse the web opt for limited data plans. Therefore, if your mobile web page is big and requires more bytes to open, they will surely choose to close down your website and turn to others.

While you are opting to build a mobile website, you can also provide other links for the viewer rather than clustering all the features of your company at one page. However, you should always take care that the links should have easy retraceable path, so that the viewer is able to reach back to the earlier page easily. It will be wise to avoid using tables to build a mobile website.

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