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by | Aug 22, 2012 | Internet Marketing

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SIEM technology offers a number of advanced techniques to manage certain risks linked to complicated and distributed attacks on networking systems. The system is able to assess distributed attack risk while analyzing and separating actual threat from other sources that can be detected in all network situations. Protect cloud computing environments with SIEM,  Because cloud computing bears a certain added risk, it’s essential to have SIEM cloud computing solutions.

Enhanced Security Protection
Security Information and Event Management, also commonly known as SIEM, is also used to meet a number of IT and other business requirements due to the type of data it commonly collects. As well as collection, it monitors, reports, and correlates from a number of devices including firewalls, routers, content filters, switches, and a host of applications and databases. SIEM cloud computing is commonly used in a number of areas by organizations such as log management, data protection, monitoring external threats, along with several risk analysis processes.

Next Generation Technology
The next generation of SIEM cloud computing solutions will deliver a number of important services to risk and audit teams. It has a rich reporting capability to let enterprises have the upper hand in markets, along with full visibility at the micro and macro levels. A business manager typically wants to know how their security controls are mapping to individual business lines to help in strategic IT and other business decisions.

Advanced Monitoring Solutions
In order to have a decided edge over competitors, enterprises need to know not only what’s currently happening, but what to next expect within their strategic IT environments. With the recent emergence of cloud computing reducing the overall cost of IT costs while maximizing return on investment, organizations are frequently opting for Software as a Service for SIEM environments. Many businesses have invested in several point solutions for meeting current IT requirements, yet might still have gaps which need to be filled.

SIEM Cloud Computing and SaaS
The SaaS model of SIEM solutions allows organizations to only pay for services they want and need typically on a subscription basis. However, they still have all the many advantages cloud computing offers. The expenses and complexities involved in managing resources and infrastructure for their point solutions will be diluted. Having SIEM cloud computing not only can fill a number of gaps, but can also meet the requirements as a fully fledged and viable computing solution.

SIEM includes every aspect of security possible to help keep clouds safe and protected. CloudAccess SIEM technology offers advanced intelligence to synthesizing the underlying risks associated with complex distributed attacks on large networks.

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