The Differences In Satellite And Fiber Internet Providers

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Computers

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Depending on the geographic location of a specific company, there may be several options in internet services available. In more remote locations, there may be only one, but this is rapidly changing throughout most of the world.

In the not too distant past the only option that most remote locations had, and even some locations that were not so remote, is to use satellite internet communication systems. Now, in many areas of the world, businesses have the option to choose between satellite and internet over fiber.

Satellite and fiber internet providers are often the same company, which allows a business to use a trusted provider to compare the two options. When making a comparison, there are three important factors to consider. These include the coverage area, the reliability of the connection and the cost.

Coverage Areas

All fiber internet providers require a terrestrial infrastructure of fiber optic cable to provide internet services, which means a stable point for transmission and reception. There may not be direct service using internet over fiber to the door, and the last distance may be covered by a microwave transmission link.

The benefits of satellite coverage include the mobility factor. This makes it ideal for mobile types of operations, shipping lines, and applications where the end use point of the system is mobile occasionally or on a regular basis.


The terrestrial nature of the services from fiber internet providers means they can become damaged. Cables can be cut accidentally or damaged through an environmental issue such as a flood, earthquake or another type of disaster. With satellite internet, there are multiple satellites with coverage of most areas of the world, creating built-in options to reroute traffic for continual service even when there is a satellite failure.


The cost of the internet over fiber will vary based on the current infrastructure and the location of the terrestrial fiber optic line to the desired location. The more remote the area is, the more expensive the cost.

With satellite internet, location is not a cost factor, but there will be initial equipment and installation costs. In general, the cost of the satellite internet will be less than internet over fiber, but it will also not have the high-speed capacity of the fiber optic network, a factor which will need to be considered.

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