Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Best Practices

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Supply Chain Management

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You’ve probably noticed how competitive the pharma industry has become over the last few years. In most recent years, there have been more counterfeit drugs, increasingly strict regulations on quality and serialized mandates. All of these factors have made it necessary for the pharmaceutical supply chain to be efficient, as well as traceable. Here are five best practices that should be implemented to ensure there is no breakdown.

Connect and Collaborate

To ensure efficiency, accuracy and quality, you need a digital network that connects all the partners. Collaboration along the pharmaceutical supply chain allows everyone to work together and for all actions to be in sync. The biggest benefit of this level of collaboration is visibility from end-to-end and being able to discuss various transactions.

Detailed Analysis of Processes

When handling pharma products, even a slight alteration can change the composition and could be life-threatening. Products must be precise and repeatable. The manufacturing process needs to undergo detailed analysis.

Traceability from End-to-End

Being able to trace a product from end-to-end along the pharmaceutical supply chain is imperative. This ensures product quality as it passes through the stages of production. By connecting all the partners, you’ll be able to track critical information allowing you to control the end quality.

Respond to Supply and Demand Changes

There are constant changes when it comes to supply and demand. Good management means being able to detect and respond to them in a timely manner. When you participate in a business network, it can mean being able to evaluate this type of information in real-time and provide an immediate response.

Inventory Visibility

Having downstream inventory visibility helps allocate transportation, warehousing and other good shipping practices. This is important to ensuring pharma products reach their destination without compromising quality.

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