Want to marke your business via social media marketing? Try Facebook Marketing

by | Aug 7, 2012 | SEO & SMO Marketing

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Gone are the days when social networking websites were considered as recreational websites meant for making friends. Social networking websites such as Facebook and Orkut are now considered as rich marketing tools that can benefit the marketers immensely. Several companies employ Facebook to increase their customer base. If you are planning to make use of Facebook for marketing your products and services then following are some ways in which you can use Facebook for achieving the desired results.

Facebook Pages


You are probably aware of the feature of ‘Facebook Pages’ on Facebook. This means that you can use these pages to create a profile page for your organisation. A major advantage of Facebook pages is that this feature is available absolutely free of charge. Facebook Pages will enable you to create a distinct business identity online. Besides strengthening your online presence, you can also increase awareness about your brand among the online population. Both, current as well as potential customers can become fans or members of your company pages. This means that your fans can receive regular notifications and updates pertaining to the information posted by you.

One major benefit of Facebook pages is that whenever you join any Facebook page, your friends are automatically informed about it. This eventually results into free publicity which might help you generate interest among interested prospects and customers. Facebook pages can also be used to share company information, videos as well as photos. Pay special heed while creating Facebook pages as you cannot edit the pages after you create them.

Facebook Groups

This is another Facebook marketing method in which you can promote your business via Facebook. Become a member of an already existing Facebook group. You can also create a Facebook group that revolves around your business. Creating a Facebook group is a relatively simple procedure. Facebook groups can be used to create awareness about your organisation or products. Another advantage of Facebook group is that you can share information with the group members.

Employ the above mentioned Facebook marketing methods and achieve the desired results.

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