Using SEO effectively will undoubtedly improve your bottom line

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Internet Marketing

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If you have embarked on digital marketing yourself and have relied upon your own website design, you may be becoming disillusioned because you aren’t attracting a greater number of customers and your sales figures certainly aren’t improving.

Some businesses are talking about ‘digital fatigue’ as a result – they’ve spent money, written good copy, have joined social media websites, and constantly update their own website, all to no avail. What often happens in this type of scenario is that the business doesn’t understand how internet marketing needs to be manipulated in order to drive traffic to your website.

If you don’t understand the formula and how your potential customers are searching, all your efforts will be wasted, and it would almost be better if you hadn’t tried at all. For those who have learnt how to be found by customers, they will be telling a completely different story and will have the increased revenue to prove it.

How to get greater traffic to your website

This is the million dollar question that most business should be asking. Once a potential customer finds your site, you need to have a well-designed site and compelling copy to entice them to click through your various pages, but the key to everything is to get them to find your site in the first place.

If you haven’t heard the term ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) this could be the missing link that’s been holding you back. When customers are searching for a product or service, they’re using a search engine (most often Google or Yahoo), and are putting in keywords, which will help them find relevant sites.

Marketing companies of old would tell you that you needed ‘top-of-mind’ awareness with your clients. Digital marketing agencies will explain to you that you need ‘top-spot’ on a search engine’s results.

According to research, the companies that appear on the top of a Google search receive over 30% of all clicks generated, which shows the power of having this elevated position. How, though, would you be able to raise your own business through the ranks of all those other companies?

Find a good SEO company in Greenville

In order to have excellent SEO, you really do need to get professional SEO advice. There are complicated algorithms that determine how companies are ranked, and you need to consult with a company that is expert in understanding how the process works and what you need to do to improve your ranking.

Knowing what keywords customers are using, and how they respond if they do find your site, is all part of the ranking process. It sounds complicated because it is, and it takes time and consistent work to improve a ranking, but you will see from the hit-rates reported how much this input will pay off and improve your bottom line if you get it right.

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