Organized and Integrated Law Firm Billing Software, Changing How Law Offices Invoice For Good

by | Dec 24, 2014 | IT Service

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An attorney bills per hour as well as for the services they render and the costs associated for each case, so they need to pay special attention to all of the minute details of the billing process. When information is incomplete or inaccurate, more work is created, revenue slips through the cracks and it can frustrate the clients. Law firm billing software which is part of an integrated management system can help to improve the accuracy and speed of the entire process.

Organization of Vital Information

An organized screen which displays all vital information pertaining to a client’s matter is indispensable, since it helps to fully document the services and time allocations that translate into billable hours. Information about contacts and services rendered regarding a client matter is always at your fingertips. By comparing the notes attached to a client matter against the pre-bill, the lawyer will find it easier to catch missed billable items. Missed items can result in the need for additional invoices or costly write-offs, which means lost revenue for the firm. Some examples of these are: retainer fees which are reaching low levels, time spent making phone calls, filing fees, client consultations and drafting legal documents on behalf of the client.

Integrated and Intuitive System Technology

Law firm billing software with an integration feature allows for easy access to all of the information relevant to a particular client account. Access to such streamlined information can prompt attention from the professional to some items for inclusion which may otherwise have been overlooked. Integration with calendars and client information pages is helpful in ensuring all billable items are properly included in the first invoice. As such, this can dramatically cut down on the need for additional billing processes which can overwhelm the already busy attorney or frustrate the client who is receiving them.

Gain the Advantage for Your Law Firm

Ending billing errors and inefficiencies translates into less time wasted and fewer revenue leaks. Moving to legal billing software which provides all of the features and benefits that make your firm operate more efficiently, preferably in one package, is the logical solution. Our online legal billing software suite is the practical answer which goes beyond the standard methods of management. You will quickly and accurately capture all of the information needed to generate a complete bill. Come realize the potential savings your solo practice or law firm can achieve with our specialized software at visit us website. There is a demo as well as a risk free trial available to showcase the power and capabilities of our legal software suite.

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