Need an SEO Company? 4 Questions to Ask

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Internet Marketing

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SEO marketing is a cost-effective way to grow your consumer base without draining your capital dry. If this is your first time to hire and interview an SEO company in Woodland Hills CA, here are a few useful questions you might want to start with:

Can I have a list of your references?

A company that’s proud of its accomplishments and the positive results these campaigns have brought to former clients won’t have a problem handing that list over. If you catch a bit of hesitation, though, ask. That could be a red flag you wouldn’t want to miss.

How will you improve my rankings?

An SEO consultant with plenty of years in the field can assess your site pages and provide several suggestions to improve your ranking. However, a thorough study will yield better solutions, ones that fully meet and address your company’s needs and the needs of your site so don’t dismiss a team or company simply because they aren’t able to come up with marketing plans in an instant. These take time.

What’s your process?

The Entrepreneur says to steer clear of SEO consultants who refuse to discuss their methods and what measures they intend to take with your campaigns. Beware, they might be using Blackhat SEO techniques that could get your pages penalized or worse, banned by Google.

How long will it take?

Any marketing agency that says they can boost your rankings in a week or overnight is lying. Anyone who’s ever worked on SEO campaigns know these are built slowly and carefully over time. That’s mostly why a lot of companies use paid marketing while they wait for their organic search campaigns start showing results. For help and information, don’t do this on your own. Consult with a reputable SEO company in Woodland Hills CA for guidance and assistance.

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