4 Security Features Of Cloud Payroll Software Solutions

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Software Company

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Security is always a factor with any type of personal data. Online payroll solutions using the cloud offer several advanced security features that are superior to what most businesses currently utilize.

To understand the security provided for cloud payroll software, consider the following features offered by top companies marketing cloud-based payroll solutions.

Ongoing Updates and Maintenance

A significant security issue for any data is the failure to update and maintain the system. In-house servers that are not updated are a risk for hackers, zero-day attacks, and failures in security that can expose data.

Using a cloud payroll software solution allows the business to benefit from fully maintained and upgraded systems by the software provider and the cloud hosting service.

Cloud Encryption

End-to-end encryption is available with the cloud. This means the data is encrypted from the time it is transmitted to the cloud through cloud storage and during retrieval. This end-to-end encryption means any data obtained by hackers is impossible to read or use.

2-Factor Authentication

Companies can set up two-factor authentication for users. This adds an extra level of security for any access to portals, user accounts, or any data stored on the system.

Access Restrictions

Customizing cloud payroll software to specify user access to sensitive and secure data decreases the risk of security breaches from inside an organization. Limiting access and using tracking logs across the system makes it easy to see if and when anyone is trying to access sensitive data. Click here for more details.

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